Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Publications!

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6.

“Let the Children.....”

Judy's second book of plays and programs for children was printed in October, 2007. It features five Christmas plays, three Easter plays, plays for other occasions and even a child-led worship service. Twenty musical selections are provided for use in the programs. Ideas for simple costumes and staging are given. Pictures from actual performances of the plays were used as illustrations. The plays and some of the music was written by Judy. Vladi Raichinov formatted and prepared the book for printing. This work was exceptionally well done. Pray that these plays will be used in many churches and other settings to help children and their parents learn more about God.

Celebrating Christmas, Ideas for the Christian Family.

As in the west, the celebration of Christmas in Bulgaria is becoming more and more secular rather than spiritual. This book was written to help families develop Christmas traditions that will not only teach children of God's love, but will also help bind the family together in that love. The activities are intended to supplement and enhance Christian traditions already held in this culture.

The ideas and activities presented emphasize doing things together as a family, on giving rather than getting, on preparing hearts for Christmas, on building relationships with loved ones and friends - and even strangers. The concept of Advent is introduced with simple daily activities suggested to build up excitement to the day of Christ's birth.

There are scripture readings, short dramas with “costumes” pulled together with household items, songs, directions for making house and Christmas tree decorations, and even recipes!

Hopefully, everyone will find something of interest to them in this book.

Judy wrote this book in the fall of 2006 and distributed it to a test group at that time. Incorporating their comments and suggestions, I have revised it this summer for a fall printing.

Hristo Bliznaski formatted the material. Hopefully, this booklet will impact many families with young children, leading them to truly celebrate the birth of the Savior.

Spring 2008 Publication:

Children's Sunday School Materials

Judy continues to write units for the teaching of Bible stories to children. Past units include: Creation, The Patriarchs, Moses, Joshua, Judges, Christmas, and Easter. The latest unit is on the First Kings of Israel. This unit has 16 weeks of lessons for both younger children (4-7) and older children (8-11). Since this unit is so long, we decided to publish it as two booklets, one for teachers of older children and the other for the teachers of younger children.

For each lesson there is an introductory activity, the Bible story, a memory verse,a picture, a song, and at least two activities to help the children retain the meaning and application of the Bible truths in the story. The stories and activities are age-appropriate for spiritual concepts, vocabulary, physical maturity, and interest level.


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