Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Christmas Concert, December 1 2007

Once again Ridgway Ministries has sponsored a Christmas concert in Sofia. The December 1, 2007 concert was held in the famous Zala Bulgaria, Bulgaria Hall.

The hall was packed and there were even a few folks who stood throughout the program. We are very pleased with the number of people who have told us that they brought their friends and relatives to the concert, people who never attend church services of any kind. This is a major evangelical event for us. It is a great opportunity to spread the good news of our Savior.

The concert participants were smaller in number this year but not smaller in spirit. There were 95 singers and 32 orchestra players representing 10 churches.

The hour and a half long program was met with great appreciation by the audience. We began the concert with a very dramatic rendition of How Great Thou Art. Then followed with more seasonal pieces, including two from the Messiah. Andrew's solo, the spiritual Rise up, Shepherd, went exceptionally well. There were 3 other soloists, and Judy sang Sweet Little Jesus Boy in English. We had the English words and Bulgarian translation projected on the screen.

Paul not only conducted all the choral pieces, but he also accompanied the soloists. Judy played with the orchestra for three choir numbers, including the Hallelujah chorus. A pianist from the Congregational church played for the other numbers and the chamber choir.

Our chamber choir was very small this year due to the illness of some of the singers.

We had invited children from the home for handicapped in Berkovitsa to sing a number on the program. A group of 10 came ready to perform. In their little BCI sponsored sewing room, they had made special outfits for the boys of black trousers, white shirts, and big black bow ties. The girls, Nellie and Veska had black skirts, white blouses and small bows. They sang a Christmas song. Then young Yavor sang a solo. It was a newly written piece thanking all the people who help them and bring them a mother's love. After the concert, the children stood by the exits with donation boxes. They received 1,380 leva. That is more than one thousand dollars.


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